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Solved: What are the major causes of business failure SOLUTION The maj


What are the major causes of business failure?
Why is corporate finance important to all managers?


Kimberly Mackenzie, president of Kim’s Clothes Inc., a medium-sized manufacturer of women’s casual clothing, is worried. Her firm has been selling clothes to Russ Brother’s department store for more than ten years, and she has never experienced any problems in collecting payment for the merchandise sold. Currently, Russ Brothers owes Kim’s Clothes $65,000 for spring sportswear that was delivered to the store just two weeks ago. Kim’s concern was brought about by an article that appeared in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal that indicated that Russ Brothers was having serious financial problems. Further, the article stated that Russ Brothers’ management was considering filing for reorganization, or even liquidation, with a federal bankruptcy court.

Kim’s immediate concern was whether or not her firm would collect its receivables if Russ Brothers went bankrupt. In pondering the situation, Kim also realized that she knew nothing about the process that firms go through when they encounter severe financial distress. To learn more about bankruptcy, reorganization, and liquidation, Kim asked Ron Mitchell, the firm’s chief financial officer, to prepare a briefing on the subject for the entire board of directors. In turn, Ron asked you, a newly hired financial analyst, to do the groundwork for the briefing by answering the following questions:

What are the major causes of business failure SOLUTION The maj


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