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Solved: 1 Suppose that Jackson intends to lease rent these new


1. Suppose that Jackson intends to lease (rent) these new spaces for the Galaxy stores and hire new employees to staff them. What areas of the law may impact Jackson’s planning process?
2. What options does Jackson have for legal advice to guide his efforts? What is the role that counsel might play in these transactions?
3. What sources and levels of law would Jackson need to have a fundamental knowledge of to help him protect his company from liability and meet any legal challenges? Give specific examples.
4. Assume that Jackson also plans to acquire the assets of a smaller retail company in order to carry out this expansion. Jackson is concerned about the potential tax impact that may be triggered by the transaction.
How can Jackson plan with certainty for a particular type of tax treatment? What legal doctrine allows him to rely on the law in the planning process?
5. Assume that Jackson enters into a contract with Holmes for Holmes to act as store manager in one location. After two weeks, Jackson fires Holmes for incompetence. Holmes believes that Jackson fired him in violation of an antidiscrimination law, but he keeps forgetting to file the appropriate paper work and eight months pass by. Finally, Holmes gets around to filing a complaint. What equitable maxim would apply to Holmes’s complaint? Does this maxim favor Holmes or Jackson?

Galaxy Inc. is a supplier of greeting cards, small gifts, tokens, and games appropriate for special occasions such as holidays and birthdays. Galaxy distributes its products primarily through large supermarket and drugstore chains. Increasingly, Galaxy has lost revenue due to supermarkets that prefer to enter into the supplier market by manufacturing these products in a foreign country at a steep discount (instead of buying Galaxy’s products) and selling them in their stores at a higher profit. In response to this, Galaxy’s management team begins to roll out a new business model whereby Galaxy will begin to retail its own products through newly created Galaxy retail stores. Jackson is a senior manager charged with overseeing the expansion efforts.


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